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Aug 01

Who are you relying on?

By a4106396 | Devotional

Tomorrow we are going to look at the wonderful promise of blessing that follows this verse but this opening verse is such a key challenge for those of us who have stepped out in business and entrepreneurship.

Unless you have experienced the daily uncertainly, fear and rejection that comes with producing and selling a product or service then you can never fully understand how alone you can feel or the trails of remaining steadfast in hope and joy.

It is hard. Each day is challenge with a myriad of temptations to fear and to unknowingly look to man for our strength and security.

In the context of running your own business, what does it mean to look to man for your strength?

It means placing your joy, security and hope in how many clients you have or in your projected income. How do you feel when business is slow, when a potential client rejects you, when you lose a big deal?

Do you feel worried for the future, do you feel stressed over your income, do you question your worth, your buisness or your ability?

Our joy and peace should not be dependant on whether a client books us or not. Our security and hope should not be dependant on the number of customers we have or how many sales we have made.

Our clients are not the ultimate source of our provision. Our customers are not the one who sustain us.

Yes a client can give us physical money but do not let that trick you into looking to man for your provision.

It is God who provides.

It is God who sustains.

It is God who is control of your future.

“Our clients are not the ultimate source of our provision. Our customers are not the one who sustain us.”

When we forget that we are secure in God’s provision and love then we can fall into the trap of looking to man for our provision; for our strength.

We can look at our potential clients and think that this is the key to our provision.

If we can just get one more booking, if we can just make that sale, then we will be ok this month.

There is a curse in living like this. It will cause us to live in the parched places of the desert. We will always feel like we are in a season of lack.

We will not see prosperity when it comes. We will not be able to enjoy each blessing and provision as it comes as it will never seem enough compared the enormity of what we feel we need or because of the fear of when the next provision will come.

In short you will always be living in fear, uncertainty and want. Your emotional health will suffer and so will your relationships.

Decide today to not see your clients and customers and their money as the source of your provision.

No matter what stage your business is at, remember that it is God who will provide and sustain and grant you increase and security in him.

Jul 31

Where is your treasure?

By a4106396 | Devotional

If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord then we have one great certain hope; we will one day be fully united with our saviour in heaven to spend eternity with him.

It is going to be amazing, it is going to be glorious. Being with Jesus is going to be like nothing we have ever experienced here on earth. We will be transformed, we will be whole. We will have the full, unfiltered knowledge of God’s love for us, his infinite glory and the excitement and adventure we have in our privilege to worship him.

This needs to be at the forefront of our mind every day. Our motivation, our focus. As Martin Luther said,

“There are tw0 days in my calendar; This day and THAT day!”

Martin Luther

We need to live with eternity in mind. Not dwelling on the past, not worrying about tomorrow but living today to reflect that we are looking forward only to the greatest day. THAT day. The day that Christ will return. The day we will finally meet our saviour and receive our “well done good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25v23)

All the triumphs, achievements and pains of the day pale into insignificance in the light of the prospect of meeting the lover of our souls, our saviour, our Lord face to face.

Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever worry or stress, remember that this life is fleeting. Every pleasure or heart ache lasts only for a moment but our union with God on that day will last for eternity.

The challenge in this verse is to remember the perspective of eternity. Remember not to be so consumed with the desires, pleasures or difficulties of this life that you forget to give your all to your eternal calling.

Your eternal calling is to be the light of the world, to share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet, to honour and glorify God with every aspect of our lives and conduct.

How we spend our time, what concerns us most through the day, where we spend our money, how we prioritise our time; all indicate where our treasure truly lies.

We will have responsibilities and demands on our time, energy and money here on earth but ultimately these things will not last unless we use them to build the kingdom of God. Building a profitable and abundant business takes time and effort but do not let it become all consuming.

Remember that we are building for a much bigger purpose than simply to achieve our own temporary comfort.

Take time to reconnect with the Holy Spirit so that you can be guided to speak the words of God to those around you today.

Be intentional about your financial generosity to build the church.

Create space to be there for others, to encourage and support them to grow into their purpose in God.

Build your business in such a way that it reminds you that are building for your own eternal future as well as those around you.